Friday, October 17, 2008

Falling Asleep With Makeup

It's not pretty, but it happens.

Not only is sleeping with makeup a missed opportunity for your skin to receive the benefit of the corrective treatments you apply after a thorough cleansing, but even the most skin-friendly makeup is not meant to be worn for a straight 24-hour period, which is what will wind up happening if you fall asleep in it.

The institut' DERMed Purifying Protein Mask, coming soon to the Skin Studio, is a decongesting treatment mask with glyco-proteins and kaolin to boost the skin's natural immunity, inhibit bacteria and combat blemishes before they become problematic, and it is my only choice for the morning after sleeping with makeup.

Here's how I do it:
1) Wake up and groan with the realization that I have indeed slept in my makeup
2) Pull back my hair and cleanse with my DermaPotion Milk Emulsion Cleanser, taking extra care to spend enough time massaging the cleanser into my skin to break down all the oils and makeup residue
3) Cleanse with my corrective cleanser of choice, again massaging thoroughly
4) Apply the Purifying Protein Mask in a thin layer to my damp skin, massaging it in thoroughly (and taking special care to remove the mask from the container with a clean spatula or butter knife to avoid contaminating the whole jar!)
5) Eat toast, surf the web, feed my dog
6) Rinse
7) Corrective Toner (avoid the temptation to scrub!)
8) Corrective Treatment or Treatments
9) Hydrate
10) Hydrate
11) SPF

The reason for the double hydration is that while the Protein Mask pulls out the residue from your skin, it will also leave it slightly dry and tight. In order to most quickly return your skin to balance, hydrate twice with your recommended hydrating cream.

And most importantly...don't do it again!

If you manage to sleep with makeup for a few nights running (not recommended), speak with your aesthetician to schedule a refinement treatment as soon as possible.

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  1. Just a note--the Purifying Protein Mask has arrived! Stop by or call 504-717-4466 to schedule your complimentary skin analysis.