Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Time Like The Present!

So, you wake up, put on the kettle for green tea, and stumble to the bathroom to slather on some sunscreen before you walk the dog, and as you squint into the mirror, you notice...your skin looks pretty good today!

The next thought that comes to mind might not be, "I'd better make that microdermabrasion appointment so I can keep up the good work." In fact, the next thought might actually be, "No need to double-cleanse, my skin looks awesome!"

Stop right there!

Whether you see a Skincare Specialist for regular treatments, treat yourself to a facial or microdermabrasion once in a while, or stick to home skincare solutions, most would agree that the idea behind the effort is to enjoy the most awesome skin days possible per unit time. So what does this have to do with booking your next treatment? Everything.  

Consistency is key with regard to your skin. Makeup trends may change with the season, but your core skincare routine (presuming you have found one that works for you) should remain fairly consistent throughout the year, and especially consistent on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.  Believe it or not, waiting until your skin is completely broken out, dehydrated, irritated, or sun-exposed to treat it really doesn't give you the best results. But booking your skincare treatment at a time when your skin is at its best really does!  
  • When your skin is healthy, intact, and at its best, it will benefit more from corrective and antioxidant treatments because active ingredients will penetrate more evenly and thoroughly
  • Your Skincare Specialist will be able to bump up the intensity of your treatment that little extra bit to ensure longer-lasting results without fear of aggravating an existing condition
  • Your skin will look even more radiant after your treatment than it would if you waited until mid-breakout or after a period of neglecting your skin
Of course, there are times when coming in when your skin isn't looking so hot is a good idea. These include:
  • Swinging by the studio so that your Skincare Specialist can get a look at what's going on so that she will be better prepared for your next treatment
  • Correcting a problem that comes on suddenly or unexpectedly
  • During the phase when you are still getting into a consistent skin care routine and discovering what works for you
But, with those exceptions in mind, prevention becomes the central theme to the consistent skin care routine you are undertaking, so that by consistently deep cleansing, using corrective and antioxidant cosmeceuticals, and protecting your skin with moisturizer and sunscreen, and by scheduling your in-office treatments with consistency in mind, the instances of sudden skin issues should be minimal.

Recap: Radiant Skin Starts Here and now!  
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