Saturday, January 23, 2010


SKINsantamonica aesthetician Sara Turbeville recently wrote an excellent blog on dermaplaning that answers many of the questions I get asked about the treatment, namely:

  1. What is it? Dermaplaning is an excellent one-two punch treatment for women who want both amazing exfoliation combined with the elimination of their peach fuzz. The process of dermaplaning is best described as a meticulous close shave that offers a "glassy skin effect" (she's not kidding!) and enhanced permeation of active skincare applied afterwards.
  2. Does it hurt? Not as long as you hold still...
  3. Will my facial fuzz grow back darker and thicker? Nope, our hairs are dead keratin and there is no way for the live follicles to know what's going on at the visible ends of hairs...Unfortunately, this goes ditto for the hair on our heads, otherwise we could expect abundant hair growth after every trim--wouldn't that be nice!
Dermaplaning at the Skin Studio can be done as a quick standalone treatment (cleanse, dermaplane, corrective serum, moisturizer and SPF), or added to an Infusion Facial or Peel. My personal favorite is dermaplaning plus a lactic acid peel (natural brightener, binds moisture into the skin), with the addition of Red/Infrared light (promotes tissue repair and collagen synthesis) and peptide serum.

Thank you, Sara, for spotlighting this great treatment!

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